1525 S Sheridan Rd info@redeye420.com

Welcome to RedEye 420 Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The new Dispensary is:

RedEye 420 Medical Dispensary
7425 NW 23rd St
BETHANY, OK. 74008

Prices for top shelf medical marijuana start at $12.00 a gram out the door ( meaning we pay the tax) First 200 customers will also receive a free glass pipe with any purchase.

Make sure and come by the ORIGINAL 420 store, RedEye 420 Dispensary on 15th and Sheridan on April 20, 2019 and Celebrate the day with SUPER SPECIALS like $4.20 Pre-Rolls, $42.00 FULL GRAM Vape Cartridges, $120.00 Ounces, and more! Some specials start 4/19/2019 

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