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Red Eye 420 Dispensary operates under applicable U.S. state laws. You expressly acknowledge and understand that marijuana (cannabis) is listed on Schedule I of the United States Controlled Substances Act. Under U.S. federal laws, manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or possession of marijuana is illegal, and individuals are subject to arrest and/or prosecution for doing so. You further acknowledge that medical use is not recognized as a valid defense under federal laws regarding marijuana. You also acknowledge and understand that the interstate transportation of marijuana is a federal offense.

Acknowledgment of State Law

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While the Website and Services may be accessed from various locations, Red Eye 420 Dispensary only accepts customers located in certain cities, counties, municipalities, provinces, and jurisdictions in the state of Oklahoma (“Service Area”). In all scenarios, you must abide by and follow the applicable laws of the city, county, municipality, province, or jurisdiction of Oklahoma state in order to use the Websites and/or Services. You expressly acknowledge, understand, and agree to assume full responsibility for cooperating with the laws of Oklahoma state while using the Websites and/or Services. 

Health Information

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